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Post  Hermes Rose on Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:16 pm

Forum Rules
1) No Spamming - So no chain mails, no useless posts and so on...
2) No bullying - No kind of bullying what so ever allowed (unless it's with the because it would be quite a bad rp if everyone liked each other XD)
3) No swearing or excessive gore - Younger children might go on here and blood and so on is fine but don't go too far we don't want younger members having nightmares.
4) No chat speak - spelling mistakes are fine - everyone makes them though just d0nT wIte Lke tis
5) Don't play as someone else's character without permission and no killing or having mates without the other players permission and don't be offended it mods ask if you have permission
6) No perfect characters - it's boring and annoying if you have perfect characters - never getting hit in battles always does everything with perfection.
7) Don't make the story center around you its okay if you have a big part though don't make it like 'I have to find the cave while everyone else is trapped in the evil dogs liar unable to move' it makes it very boring for the other players

Rules about Characters

Cat Limit - You can have up to four but make sure you use them all because its very annoying if a character only appears once a week try and use them all equally.
Powers - can have small powers usually connected to their name. For example a cat named Sunpaw might have power to create small balls of light but don't have powers like being able to turn all darkness into light. Also don't name you cat something like Riverpelt then there power being able to create small fireballs - it'll get confusing.
Loners - We don't want to have too many so try to stick to gangs we don't want to have a limit on how many loners a player can have. If your new and we're already quite into the storyline it's probably best to become a loner and maybe join a gang in a bit because it'll seem strange halfway through a battle a cat appears in there gang who nobody had ever met before.
Leaders and Deputies - Ask an admin or moderator if you want to become one
Baddies - Most of the Story lines will end up having a evil cat. You don't need permission as much to kill him off though the creator of the cat will have to announce his death so please don't make the Baddie invincible. Just to warn you if you create a baddie it will have to die or be imprisoned or something like that eventually

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Rules - Read this Empty Re: Rules - Read this

Post  Sunny on Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:46 pm

Thanks for making this (: It's very well done.

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