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Post  ~Demonic~ on Thu Jul 15, 2010 8:55 pm

Name: Ateria
Gender: Female
Gang: Mournsong
Gang rank: Younger Warrior
Description: Black body with magenta eyes.
Personality: She's a solitary cat but friendly to those she cares about. She usually screams out curses to vent out her anger to prevent her power from causing any unnecessary deaths.
History: Every single one of her friends have died including her family members. Ateria thinks it's her power interfering.
Power: Ateria can control magnetism. She can repel and attract cats, form a shield around herself by repelling the air around her (but it takes more energy) and blast a body apart by pulling and pushing the cells around the body, but it takes a tremendous amount of energy to do so, so she usually just corrupt a few cells to hopefully start a tumour.

Name: Era
Gender: Female
Gang: Loner
Gang Rank: Loner
Description: Dark blueish purple with a white tipped tail.
Personality: Sneaky, grumpy and hates most cats. She rather be eating her tail than join a clan.
History: Her mother was shunned because she loved a cat who belonged to a twoleg. So, she left her clan and her father left his owners and they both became free. She was born soon after, but her parents were tragically killed by a monster recently. The clan her mother was in is unknown.
Powers: Era can change the moods and emotions of others.

Name: Void
Gender: Male
Gang: Loner
Gang Rank: Loner
Description: A grey cat with black eyes. His coat makes him look very ordinary and insignificant, but his eyes usually carry a silver spark in his pupil.
Personality: Annoying, a bit selfish when necessary but loyal to cats he trusts. Era is one of them after she helped him send a message to his dying mother.
His mother died when he was small so he asked Era-who was a little older than him at the time-to give her a message because he was with his father hunting faraway. His father went mad with grief and stopped eating. He soon died and left a very fed-up Void behind. Void soon befriended Era who taught him.
Void can manipulate electricity and turn into it when necessary.

Name: Nix
Gender: Male
Gang: Darkshadow
Gang Rank: Warrior
Description: Greyish silver short-hair body with bright purple eyes. He can look absolutely scary.
History: Born a loner, but he got lost and never found his parents again, so Darkshadow took him in.
Personality: Usually feels bored and doesn't like doing much.
Power: Can create real-looking illusions.

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