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Post  Sunny on Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:38 pm

Name: Glowstick
Gender: Female
Gang: Dustpaw
Gang Rank: Warrior

Powers: Glowstick can release her own energy in the form of purple electricity. Usually her power is limited by the four ribbons tied around her legs, but each time she takes a ribbon off, her power increases. When all four of her ribbons are off, her power can increase over one hundred times the amount it was originally, however, the more ribbons are removed, the bigger toll on her health it takes. If she uses her power with no ribbons for a few hours, it could even kill her. The electricity itself is released from the yellow markings on her front legs.

Description: Glowstick has neon purple fur and fluoresent green eyes. She has a yellow circle marking on her forhead, and two smaller circle markings underneath each of her eyes, one yellow, one red. The insides of her ears are yellow, and her nose is green. She has a neon green stripe running from her neck down her back to her tail tip, and another green stripe from under her chin running underneath her stomach, also to the tip of her tail. She has two large yellow bow-shaped markings on each of her front legs, and another two yellow bow markings on her back legs. The markings are linked into pairs by a yellow lightning-bolt marking connecting each front leg bow to each back leg bow. Glowstick's pawpads are neon green. Glowstick has a ribbon tied around each of her legs, two red ones on her right foreleg and left backleg and two yellow ones on her left forleg and right backleg. She also has a little jade lucky charm in the shape of a leaf tied around her tail with a piece of brown parcel string. She has a small red hoop earring in her left ear.

Personality: Glowstick is kind and considerate, but at times she can get afraid. She is very loyal but has a fear of death, though she hides this fact from those around her. She is always alert and is very protective of those around her. She refuses to talk about her past.

History: Glowstick is in fact the sister of the former leader of Mournsong, Solo. However, Solo never learns about this, not even just before she dies. They were both born to a cat breeder, both silver persians. However, Glowstick was persued by catnappers at a very young age. She was chased into a factory and she fell into a tub of toxic chemicals. Something changed inside her as she slipped into a near-death experience and when she surfaced, her fur had changed to its current colours and she discovered her powers. However, she did not go back to her family as she was afraid they would hate her. She joined Dustpaw and grew up there. When she was older and discovered her sister had taken over Mournsong, she still stayed away from her and pretended she didn't know her.

Name: Sunny
Gender: Female
Gang: Gold
Gang Rank: Deputy

Powers: Sunny can manipulate fire, though her power is reasonably limited and she is still working on controlling it better.

Description: Sunny has flaming orange fur like fire itself, very short and silky. She has emerald, deep-green eyes with gold flecks in them. Her whiskers are surprisingly long. Her nose and ear insides are a very pale pink, and they stand out well against her bright flaming pelt.

Personality: Sunny is very carefree and optimistic but sometimes has a hard time taking things seriously. She does, however, have her reliable and serious moments, and she is very loyal and an excellent friend to have. She has a good sense of humour, and often ends up as the subject of the apprentices' jokes due to some of her pranks on her clanmates.

Name: Lolly
Gender: Female
Gang: Unknown
Gang Rank: Kit

Powers: Lolly uses strong telekenisis powers including levitating, posessing and creating shields. However, her power is very out of control due to her young age.

Description: Lolly is an adorable, tiny kitten with clear sandy and white tabby markings and a white underbelly. She has pale, crystal blue eyes and her fur is sleek and silky. She always has an innocent or cute expression on her face.

Personality: Lolly is incredibly shy. She doesn't understand the wars and various clans tend to bribe her into doing their dirty work as she doesn't understand the concept of allies and foes yet. She has trouble hunting and surviving and often has to resot to begging. So far she has not found a clan to take her in, though she would dearly love to join one.

History: Lolly has a case of amnesia, though she remembers that she was born from a loner and an unspecified clan cat, both of which are dead.

Name: Island Palms (Usually just called by the first part of his name, 'Island')
Gender: Male
Gang: Loner
Gang Rank: N/a

Powers: Island has the ability to use the moon to manipulate the tide and cause floods, as well as manipulate anything standing in moonlight. He is very vulnerable in the daytime but does know warrior skills and is able to defend himself and hunt.

Description: Island's fur is pale brown spattered with sea blue patches and speckles, like the colours of the sea and sand. He also has lime green tips on his tail and ears. He wears a pearly white conch shell round his neck on some string. His eyes are mint green. The insides of his ears are a lilac purple, and his nose is a chocolate brown.

Personality: Island is kind and gentle, willing to protect anyone who needs him. He is considerate and loyal. However, he also has a darker side to him sometimes, mainly at night, a side effect of his powers.

Dead cats

Name: Rook Kuro
Gender: Male
Gang: Darkshadow
Gang Rank: Young Warrior

Powers: Rook Kuro could manipulate shadows.

Description: Rook was a jet black cat with white sock markings on each of his feet and amber eyes.

Personality: Rook was always over-enthusiastic while serving his leader. He is a bit of a sadist, and he enjoyed tormenting other cats and killing living beings.

Killed by Glowstick.

Name: Solo
Gender: Female
Gang: Mournsong
Gang Rank: Former leader

Powers: Solo could control people with her voice.

Description: Solo was a short-haired siamese coloured cat.

Personality: Solo was always plagued with fears and doubts through her life, leading to a heart attack that killed her.

Died of a heart attack.

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