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Post  Shadowstar on Sun Apr 25, 2010 4:26 pm

Name: Brick
Gender: Female
Gang: Goldtail
Gang Rank: Leader
Powers: She can create small explosions.
Description: Pitch black with blue markings and purple eyes
Personality: Cold, merciless, and listens to hardly anyone. She has a soft spot for kits, and be a little childish, but she can kick your ass and you know it.
History: She was born into Goldtail with Toby, but she doesn't really remember much else.

Name: Toby
Gender: Male
Gang: Loner
Gang Rank: Loner
Powers: Can leap incredibly high, and can disguise himself as a gust of leaves and trash.
Description: Light brown with dark green eyes, forest green stripes
Personality: Kind and friendly. Has quite a few connections around the city. A little flirtatious at times.
History: Born into Goldtail, but left. Brick is his cousin.


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